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Two very important things to note before you dive into VHS Wave Vol Nine: if you do not consider yourself to be a pretty big fan of either vaporwave or witch house, you probably will not like it very much. This month, we took in a lot of good jams, and a lot of good shit never made the cut, so what is included in this latest monthly installment of our VHS Wave series is first-rate. We’re very content with the tracklisting and layout of this month’s playlist. In keeping with the now standardized side A/side B format, the first half is a good mix of synthwave, vaporwave, and instrumental hip-hop. Side B kicks off with a very pronounced vaporwave edge, being comprised mostly of chopped and screwed early eighties funk and soul singles, and then delves into a dark vein of witch house, wonky, and deep house tunes. We’ll go ahead and cite our sources too. In addition to tirelessly sifting through various layers of the internetz, a lot of our inclusions were lifted straight from two stellar mixtapes that came out this past month: Mr Nonsense's Symposium Volume 1 and Fortune 500's The Music of the Now Age II. So now you know where to go if you want more of what you hear on Vol Nine. As usual, we included a good mix of classic finds, like Mitch Murder's sexy surreal synthwave track “Night Train”, but most of the songs here are recent releases. Keep your ears perked for Navigateur's lush hypnagogic jam “Is This the End?”, Capo Blanco's retro hi-fi electronic tune “Синева”, and Howlings' creeping witch house track “Sad Shawty”. Do tha right thing and grab a free .zip download of VHS Wave Vol Nine here, or just stream it here if you prefer easy access. Afterwards, repost, retweet, or share if you feel it was worth the listen. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Bandcamp for the complete VHS-wave experience. Give us feedback if you’re a listener or one of the featured acts, and submit your tracks if you want us to include your work on the next VHS Wave mix. Ultimately, though, the best thing you can do is follow the artists that we post about, and support them financially. Think twice when you torrent or when you enter “0” into the “name your price” field on Bandcamp. We all do it, but you gotta give back at some point, so why not put a “15” in there every once in a while? Anyways, rant over lol. Enjoy Vol Nine.



1.   SHOWDEE  last night

2.   DINOSAURUS REX  whatgoes

3.   NAVIGATEUR  is this the end?

4.   VECTOR GRAPHICS  falling

5.   CAPO BLANCO  Синева

6.   DRIPZ  the light (dark vibez mix)

7.   POLICE ACADEMY 6  strawberry sun (persona la ave ripe moon


8.   회사AUTO  hδω

9.   FRIENDZONE  rest


11. MITCH MURDER  night train


12. POGFLIPPER  quantum sliders

13. BODYLINE  techno logic

14. LUXURY ELITE  crush

15. SILVER RICHARDS  internet lane

16. BEAR//FACE  taste my sad

17. BΔDKΔRMΔ  wormwood

18. DARK MOTHER  drowning the light

19. MATHBONUS  fog

20. TWOS  stay

21. HOWLINGS  sad shawty

22. VS//YOUTHCLUB  10245

Download here.

My new sounds:

My new sounds: